Having Fun with Slugs!!

Slug Car

Someone is having as much fun with Slugs as we are! This car is not owned by anyone we know. But, maybe we should meet the driver . . . .

slugs on plates

Here are some wonderful Sculpy® Slugs made by some talented students.

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Slug Book review


WE LOVE SLUGS! Now Available on Amazon:

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When most people hear the word slug mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is, “Ewww.” Slugs are not typically thought of with the fondness afforded more enticing class pets like rabbits or lizards or even aquarium fish. However, slugs make a better pet than any of these more  traditional choices.

Our book includes photographs introducing the slug to the classroom, shows how children can create a Sculpy® Slug and make a paper habitat for it. Teachers can copy or cut out the  3-part teaching materials provided for children to learn the biology of the slug, plus included is a “peace slug stretch” an exercise, and photos showing how to make a beautiful habitat for a real slug at home.

Our goal with this book is to show teachers and parents just how exciting the world of slugs can be. We suggest that slugs be considered as having a place in a child’s home and/or in a classroom.

What’s in the Box?

One of the best ways to teach children the biography of Maria Montessori is with objects and dolls. It’s fun to purchase them with Maria, her family, and your students in mind. Click the image to see more of our particular collection and to download a free pdf of paper dolls that can be hand colored and played with by each student in your class.

WWMD? What Would Maria Do?

Master Class Materials will be presenting a workshop at the annual MSM conference. “Grounded in an understanding of Maria Montessori’s life, this workshop will inspire teachers to recommit to core Montessori principles. The presenters will demonstrate the central role that grace and courtesy lessons play in the classroom—lessons that culminate in an annual student-led tea. From the interpersonal, the presenters move to global concerns, building upon Montessori’s conviction the peace will be achieved through education. The presenters will share their recently-published books for children and educators that highlight these life-lessons embedded in the Montessori curriculum.”

Spring Tea

Spring Tea Cover

Spring Tea is an inspiring guide for anyone who wants to introduce
children to the fine art of tea time. Written by teachers in the Montessori
tradition, this resource makes it possible for any group of adults—parents,
childcare providers, religious educators and others—to work with children
and create memories and traditions that they will cherish forever. The
authors lay out step-by-step instructions for children and adults, while
teaching lessons about hospitality that will last a lifetime. Enjoy the guide
and wait for the magic that happens when you hear a child ask:
“How will you have your tea today?”